Belle's Journal: Live text hypnosis sessions, part 1

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Belle's Journal: Live text hypnosis sessions, part 1

Postby Belle Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:53 am

Journal index:
Introduction and anxiety reduction sessions
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Pony hypnosis journal

Two weeks ago, I couldn't see letting anyone hypnotise me "live" (as opposed to pre-recorded, where I can listen to it without trancing, analyse it, and decide whether it's safe enough for my use). You can see my introductory journal for a much more nervous and paranoid person.

--Brief aside: For future reference, this took place after my analysis of Anxiety Reduction Session 1 in my first journal, but before I got an opportunity to use it.

This section of my journal exists because my willingness to be hypnotised by someone "live" changed. It changed when a friend of a few years explained that actually, she was quite interested in me, and has been for some time, and wants to hypnotise me (and more than that too). After talking about it and sleeping on it, I decided that I do trust her enough and said yes. I will probably use this journal for most of what happens with her that I make available.

She is as novice as I am with hypnosis, though not at all new to D/s things in general. We are moving cautiously together. She explained that she wanted to start with "making" me mentally replace her name with "Mistress" for a short, defined period of time. I accepted this. I should have thought a bit more first, but more on that later.

It was a simple custom text session over IMs, although beset by troubles at first. My roommate came in at the start, which we had to redo, and then it started thundering, and I was using a laptop with very conservative power settings that meant every few minutes it had to be nudged or it would darken, then turn off the screen (disastrous for a text session, of course). The headset I used was incompatible with the laptop I used, so the binaural sound file she told me to play was utterly mute.

Despite all that, the induction--a simple and pretty standard relaxation and focus one--worked well enough, even in spite of my being a little nervous (though much calmed after several deep breaths before diving in). I did become relaxed and attentive. Then she did the following:

-Suggested that whenever I discuss her, I will think of her as Mistress.
-Suggested that I will completely replace her name in my mind with Mistress for the next three days.
-Suggested that calling her Mistress feels happy.
-Suggested that her words are strong and cherished by me, and will be stronger each time she puts me under.
-Pulled me back out.

I have several things to say about this. The first is that it was a partial success despite all the troubles--even despite my nervousness and being interrupted by thunder so that I had to pull my focus back to her and the text. I can still hear her name in the back of my head, but I think "Mistress" and say "Mistress" and barely read her actual name when she messages me. It's been two hours. It's not as strong as it could be, and despite the lack of a suggestion that I can refer to her by her name when I have to for social reasons, I think I'd be able to do that.

The second is that I did not consider, but should have considered and seen as obvious, that replacing her name with "Mistress" in my head, and feeling happy when calling her "Mistress", would sort of prime my already subby self to become more submissive towards her in general. This is an acceptable effect, but my failure here is somewhat of a safety concern, and I need to think more carefully.

The third is that we only really discussed the first two effects ahead of time. This isn't as much of a problem with recorded files. Live, though, I didn't see the latter effects (besides, of course, the de-induction) coming, and we hadn't discussed them. I don't know whether I accepted them or not, and either way, this is a safety and consent concern that I need to talk to her more about.

The fourth is that the script was ad-libbed from what she learned of hypnosis around the internet while struggling for a year to make hypnosis work for her. The result is that the script has a bit of sloppy language, and the ordering of its suggestions is a bit awkward. This is a significant concern for both safety and effectiveness.

And it still worked, at least partially. I am as scarily susceptible to hypnosis as I was worried/hopeful I would be.

This will likely continue as long as we can work together to improve her scripts and I continue to improve my understanding of... well, everything, and I will suggest using some pre-made and innocuous scripts towards that end, at least as examples.
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Belle's Journal: Live text hypnosis sessions, part 1

Postby Belle Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:49 pm

Over the past few days, I have dissected and heavily revised the text hypnosis file. In this time I have accepted the aforementioned friend as my dominant for unrelated reasons, after discussion. The file is now set up to implant an on-off trigger for the suggestions.

Having an off-trigger instead of a timer is really good. My grasp of time is horrid. We also discovered that when the trigger is active, and she continues talking to me on Discord or mentions her eponymous OC, the contradiction between what I'm seeing (her name) and what I'm supposed to think (not ever her name) causes a headache. We're going to discuss how to fix this.

I also caught fairly late that the "detrigger" isn't a detrigger so much as a different, more socially acceptable, but still altered state in which I cannot think of, or refer to her, as Mistress (which is undesirable).

So this works, and it'll be an interesting time when we get the bugs ironed out.

Next day edit:

Further revisions to the script. I've successfully tested that the trigger is guarded against any old person setting it off and that only my dominant will become the object of the session. This is becoming a bit non-live as far as text hypnosis, so further information (if needed) will be posted as edits.

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