The life of a budding hypnoslut

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The life of a budding hypnoslut

Postby Zee Tue Aug 08, 2017 2:04 am

Hey, all. I'm Zee. you might know me as that person who only sticks to the hypno channels.... or you might know me as that crazy chastity cultist... or you might be annoyed at me for how many times I ask for trances in the discord! Or, most likely, you don't know me at all!

Regardless of how you do or do not know me, I figured that this was a good a place as any to log my misadventures with my own mind. With how Whorish Eager I am for trance, I'll only be posting the large milestones and new trigger sessions. I'd be posting almost every day, otherwise!

I'll be posting once in a while, catching up from the beginning to today... Anyways, I'm a hypnofetishist. I've been interested in the mind for over a decade... In that time, I've tried countless files, from multiple people. Barely any had any effect. It was a cycle of picking up interest, eagerly trying to trance for a few months...., getting discouraged, and trying again a few months later. This process continues for 10 years... until I find an unsuspecting adult discord, and get a Dom who's into hypnosis himself.

The relationship didnt last for reasons... but he did give me my first set of trances that actually did things. He gave me a trance trigger, which I still refresh and use to this day... and an obsession with leather collars and cuffs. Describing them as feeling "right" and "relaxing" to wear them... putting on that collar after the first session... It was like night and day, compared to a decade of struggles with files. A palpable wave of relaxation washed over my body. It was then that I knew I was hooked. I needed to figure out how far this rabbit hole went. And so begins my journey.
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The cat, the maid, the slave and the toy.

Postby Zee Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:35 pm

So... after a bit of drama, here I am. A chaste switch without a keyholder. My hypnotist of a keyholder leaves off to do... other stuff. I honestly couldn't care about him anymore. That just left me, and two of his former subs. A cute boy with a bit of a crossdressing and maid fetish... And a boy who seriously wanted to lose control. To never have a say in his next orgasm again.

Mutual neediness and boredom led to us forming a small group and getting to know each other... eventually we began to play together. setting unlock days and goals. Personally, I was on a weightloss goal, while the maid became my sub. The slave and I switched on each other when the mood struck us...

Then two things happened; We first found a fourth. A cat. She was (is) locked for a full year for her mistress. She meshed very, very well with the three of us. and moved in seamlessly with the group. The second thing that came up was that I got interested in learning how to perform hypnosis.... and coincidentally, the cat was a very experienced subject, who actively encouraged me to practice on her.

A few things happened very quickly, after I started learning hypnosis:
The cat had all but taken me on as a sub. Calling me her Toy.
My weightloss lockup had been replaced. As the cat's Toy, she was setting my unlock days.
I had begun actively practicing on the other three, while two of them, the cat and the slave, began to build up the courage to try for themselves.

I started with the maid. Reinforcing his trance trigger, giving him a happiness trigger tied to an emote, an arousal trigger.... At that point I was just getting my feet wet. The cat on the other hand, was actively pushing me to test the waters, and see what I could do...

I ended up giving her a room in her mind. a petlike headspace. In that headspace, she loses the ability to speak normally, and can only nyaa like a cat. Safeties in place to remove it if she needs to, but otherwise, We did trial and error on how it was triggered. we settled on it being triggered by a pet-like submissive state of mind. It works very, very well. It's one of the strongest triggers I've given her. The second trigger I gave her is lightly tied to the catspace; an arousal trigger. If said at the right moment, it'll drop her down into that state, and keep her there until she calms down.

While this is all well and good... I didnt have anyone to drop me. I was getting needy. desperate.... until one fateful night...
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The true beginning

Postby Zee Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:43 pm

About a month into this whole foray, and I've become the "main" hypnotist of our little group of four. The maid and the cat were being dropped regularly. I was actively looking up more and more about hypnosis, and the slave was having his fun playing with their triggers.

...In the background though, I was losing it. I'm not a Dom, I'm a switch. A subby switch, at that. All this topping was actually causing me a bit of stress. Getting bad to the point of causing tears, at some moments... The cat noticed, and began researching the other side of the pocket watch. With 10 years of experience, she had *loads* of material and ideas to call upon. She just needed to work up the courage, and come up with some way to introduce the idea in my mind.

One fateful night, we were all feeling a bit frustrated, and the cat was in a particularly dominant mood. She asked me if I was comfortable, and slowly started to talk me down. Realizing what was happening, I quickly calmed down, and listened. This was a voice I've been hearing for a month now. constantly in game. whining about bullshit from MTG, laughing at jokes. This was an important voice. It was very, very easy to listen to her.

It was a while ago, but I remember the suggestions rather clearly. She refreshed my trance trigger. For the first time in months, I had an easy way in now. :D ...She also got a bit of revenge on the whole catspace I gave her. A pair of buttons in my mind. I press one, and I feel like being a cat. Replacing my words with "nyaa."

I had been implanting the suggestions in her head for a while, so my head took some liberties with the suggestion to "act like a cat." My hands balled into fists, slightly... anything I typed wanted to have "nyaa" appended to it. I couldn't say words. I tried to fight it, and failed quite a bit!

The cat space in my head has long since faded, but this was the start of a beautiful arrangement.
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Of roller coasters and loopiness

Postby Zee Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:26 pm

I think it says something that I can't even really remember what led to this one. I know that I had fractionated Cat a few days before, and had expressed interest in it... but aside form that, the how Of how I got into this mess is still a bit blurry.

Anyways, Fractionation. You've maybe seen me talk about it on the discord. How it's a flurry of count ups and count downs... That doesn't really get into *exactly* what it's like though.

So. Trance is experienced differently for everyone. Even if it's just a slight difference. To me, when cat counted me down and deepened this session, it felt... comfortable. relaxing. I could still hear everything around me, but it was completely unimportant. it didn't matter. floating along, she said something about my trance trigger, and then quickly counted me up. "1, 2, 3. Hi!"

It was quick. it was jarring. I was still in trance, damnit! As my mind was trying to catch up with what just happened, and slowly became more aware. she asked a few questions. mostly on how I was doing, etc... before triggering me down, and deepening me once again. The relaxation was deeper... The focus was clearer... Again, she started talking about my trance trigger... "every time you drift, you sink... every time you sink, you drift.... every time you sink or drift, you fall further into trance trigger." before counting me back up in that quick and jarring way, once more. before quickly dropping me down, and increasing the pace of the drops. Every time, reinforcing that trigger into my head.

After.... I don't even know.... a half hour? She started teasing about it. "1, 2- trance trigger" "1,2,3-trance trigger" Playing around, poking fun at my mumbling after the count up, only to drop me down right after giggling a bit....I had no idea which way was up, after a while.... and she knew this. A little after I realized, she brought it up herself... "Not knowing which way was up... which way was down.... it makes sense though that the easiest way to go.... the only way to go... is down."

After the final count up. I was gone. my mind simply wasn't there. I was loopy. I was silly. I was really, really relaxed. It took me maybe 10 minutes to even get the mental capacity to sit up from my bed. another 5 after that to stumble to my computer chair, and I was still out of it for the rest of the night.

It was Tons of fun. That session was a month ago. That trigger still works almost as well as the day it was put in. It's hardly been reinforced since.
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The cat and her toy

Postby Zee Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:59 am

So... I often call my group of friends a "pile of switches." The reality is that I'm actually the most naturally dominant of the group. While my keyholder, ironically, is often the most naturally submissive. Because of this, she doesn't trance me as often as I'd like. (read as: all the time) She's aware of this... and often makes it so that the sessions I do have with her are very, very very deep. and solidify whatever she's working on at the time for quite a while to come.

As is the case with this last session I had with her. My trance trigger had faded slightly. I can usually focus on text to get it to work there, but that was becoming harder to do... amazingly, when she said it, I dropped just as hard. Just as fast as the day she put it in... And so began another hour+ long session... Up and down and up and down and up and down.... over and over and over and over.... Each time I'm brought down, reinforcing my trance trigger that little bit more.To the point that I'm absolutely confident that It'll work next month. even without any use.

Midway through the session, She had a bit of an idea in her head.... triggered arousal... attached to a light switch. On... off... on... off... on.... on.... on. on. on. on on on off off off off on on on on on on.... It was maddening. by the end of it, I had popped mostly out of trance... squirming and writhing around.... Right before she triggered me down again... and again... and again...

It wasn't quite as deep as the previous one... but this one, again, was almost entirely focused on my trance trigger. I... am nearly completely confident that this thing is sticking around for a while. lol.
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Of clouds and sleepy kittens

Postby Zee Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:46 pm

We've honestly really been picking up the play lately. It's been really nice... I'm going to time-skip to just yesterday for this one.

The night before, Cat had asked if I had ever fallen asleep in trance. What had followed was a lot of drifty, floaty language, followed by progressive relaxation. I... was.... comfy. Floating down there, she told me to stay like that. To remove my headphones and go to sleep while still in trance after she says goodnight.

Goodnights were said, and I remove my headphones, and get into my typical "bedtime" position. It was incredible, how much the mindframe stuck. It was the comfiest, quietest, most mindless way i've ever fallen asleep. It still took a bit, but I was completely cozy. I had 4 hours of sleep that night. woke up feeling like I had a good 6+

The next day, I was a bit thankful... and a bit teasing. The day's dialogue went something like:
C: "stop that!"
Z: "stop what?"
C: "stop using that voice. you... know what it does..."
Z: (slowing down. deeper, softer tone) You mean this voice?
C:....yeah. that one....
Z: Does it make you want to drift...? to float along? Just as if you were resting on a cloud...?
C:.... nuh.....
Z: wake up.
C: fucker!

After a bit more teasing, I got out of her that yes. she did in fact want a big drop that day. and yes, she really, really wanted to be fractionated. So... I let her get ready. All nice and comfy in bed... and I started talking about that cloud again. Just floating and drifting along. slowly sinking into it, body part by body part. Relaxing all the while as she does... When it got to her head, I had her breathe in.... The cloud going straight to her head. making her own thoughts a bit "floaty.... weightless... fluffy and unimportant." This is around the time that Slave... or now known on the server as Goast115, came into the voice chat. catching in right as I was doing the first count down.

They floated, and drifted along... I started bouncing them. "1,2,3,4,5! wide awake! and now sinking back down... 5....4....3....2....1....0...." every time they went down, I reinforced how nice it was to be in the cloud... and I gave them the idea that every time they went up, they left a bit of their brain behind. replaced with just cloud fluff. This continued on for some time. count up... count down... interrupt a count up with a count down... triggering them both down after they've been counted up... going into negative numbers on the count down... I eventually gave them the idea that they were clouds. Floating.... mindless... empty.

I left them there to float for a while. simply needing to call out to get me to count them back up. After the count up, Cat went to sleep (for 12 hours. as of writing this, she just woke up.) while I bounced Goast around a bit more.

Not all hypnosis has to be crazy erotic or transformative.... sometimes, you just want to be a comfy cloud. :D

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