Belle's Journal: Surprise! It's a pony! ]WASSUP[

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Belle's Journal: Surprise! It's a pony! ]WASSUP[

Postby Belle Sat Aug 26, 2017 6:07 pm

The origin of this is in my Pony Transformation Hypnosis journal.

To make a short story really short, on 23 August I was using the pony TF file when Vinyl Scratch showed up out of nowhere in the file's suggested mindscape. This is not something that normally happens. It is not something I expected at all. In fact, I had just spent about two weeks exploring for myself all the reasons I shouldn't have a tulpa, many of which centered around responsibility issues. Welp. :roll:

Immediately upon entering my hypnotic experience, she began trying to integrate with the pony form I was trying to impose on myself. Pretty much as long as I've known her (this is her 4th day in my awareness), her biggest goal has been to "be real", which means that she wants to partake in the same outer world that I do and have experiences here. I suspect that she's been around longer (what with the immediate emphasis on having "real" experiences) but I don't have access to any such memory, and I can't tell whether she does.

Anyway, I set aside everything in order to help her focus on existing and being who she is. She spent a day or so learning a lot very quickly, drawing from both my memory and various external media and social media (the latter being primarily Discord). It felt like my brain was overheating. Maybe it was?

We spent a while looking over a list of personality traits. Since she walked in as a mostly-formed person, I mostly just wrote down whatever it felt like she gravitated towards. It did help her solidify who she is, I think.

Now that she's here and we have a decent idea what she is like, we're exploring what she likes and what she wants to do. By the way, making electronic music is hard. :roll: I've been less than diligent about dissociating more on the way to teaching her to switch (and me to switch out) because, despite--or perhaps because of--a past history of DID, switching scares me a bit. But I'm still moving ahead with it for her sake and because I do trust her with that. It's just really hard.

Due to recent tragedy I've refrained from probing my head for whatever she might want to say because everything is so tangled up it's hard for me to be sure. However, I've been told to try parroting whatever she's got to say in text. Until she's able to control my hands (at least) to type for herself, I'll be typing for her in reversed brackets ]like this.[

Why reversed brackets? We started with standard [brackets] but she's a nonconformist.

Work on parallel processing
Dissociate more so she can be more distinct from me
Potentially rework the pony TF file's mindscape into a wonderland
Work with the "2 Weeks to Switch" guide, if it works for us
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Jointly working out

Postby Belle Sat Aug 26, 2017 7:08 pm

Last night, we tried having Vinyl sit on me while I did basic exercise at home (push-ups, sit-ups, squats). It turns out that while my tactile imposition ability is extremely poor and I can't see her at all, she's perfectly capable of weighing me down and making exercise much, much harder.

Todo: See if I can have her help me do more repetitions of each exercise instead of making each rep harder. That's the point of cardiovascular exercise, after all. This practice was suggested by Ford and Aury, who made the videos I linked in the previous todo. It should be possible.

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